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Why Choose Rail?

Train travel offers a scenic, comfortable and exciting departure from the "typical" European vacation.

The romance of traveling by train continues to enthrall tourists as it has for more than 170 years, and nowhere is this felt more profoundly than in Europe. Rail travel is the best way to get close to all that Europe has to offer, from big cities and quaint hamlets to scenic beauty and fascinating people. It is also the one form of transportation that conveniently and efficiently takes travelers practically anywhere and everywhere they want to go...in style.

Eliminate the Hassles
The major cities and attractions you long to see are linked by the extensive European rail network -- a vast system stretching over 160,000 miles, as extensive in size and scope as the U.S. highway system. And train travel eliminates all the hassles that can play a part in a complex European itinerary. This means:

travel city center to city center
no maneuvering through crowded airports located miles from the nearest city
no hailing taxis from airport to downtown
no traffic headaches driving in and out of big cities or trying to understand foreign road signs

European trains provide frequent service, are roomy, eminently punctual, and take passengers directly from one bustling city to the next without the bother of airport transfers. Train travel allows you to see some of the most breathtaking scenery in the eastern hemisphere -- certainly more than they will see soaring 35,000 feet above the Continent!

Today's Rail Experience
Maybe you have toured Europe by train as college students, armed with a giant backpack and a second-class railpass. Or you may be someone whose idea of a train trip is the overpriced, unreliable commuter rail you take to and from the nearest city each day. Those who have not experienced the excitement and affordability of today's European railways and are in for a big surprise.

A first-class train trip in Europe is a totally different experience from what you might expect or remember. Unless, of course, what you remember is the absolute freedom and flexibility of hopping from city to city, town to town, every few days on a different train with schedules that run like clockwork!

Today's first-class rail experience is one of:

spacious, reclining seats
leisurely dining
soaking up magnificent landscapes without a care in the world
a great opportunity to socialize

A delightful departure from the typical European vacation, rail trips through Europe create treasured memories that last a lifetime.

A Railpass for Everyone
Whether you are on your first visit to Europe, or planning a repeat trip, chances are you'll find a railpass that's just right for you. Once you've determined the key factors in planning your trip -- the amount of time you have to spend and the places you want to visit within that time, you'll be able to choose with confidence the Rail Europe railpass that best suits your needs. This is Europe on your terms.

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