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Holiday in Paris, The City of Lights

Set up near the end of the 3rd century BC by the Celtic Gauls tribe, Paris was initially named as the Parisii. The Paris city is established on what is now known as the Ile de la Cite. It would not be wrong to say that life never sleeps in Paris. This capital city of France is incomparable for its large number of attractions, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

The feel of the Paris city is such that it leaves each and every tourist bizarre and spell bound with its beauty. With its riches in creative, unusual and prized assets, this city of lovers demands enough time in hand to do justice to its beauty and discover the entire city completely.

Attractions in Paris:

Eiffel Tower

One of the world's most recognizable monuments, Eiffel Tower is an awe-inspiring beauty with a spectacular view of the city through its lift.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre is also known as one of the worlds most popular piece is Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." It was established in 1793, and is one of the oldest museums in Europe. Its collections spans from the birth of great civilizations up to the 19th century. A whopping 5.7 million tourists visited the museum in 2002.

Disney Paris

Disney Paris is definitely one of the places every Paris visitor must visit. Although the Florida Disney is beautiful too, the Paris Disney has a unique spectacular charm to it, making it a much more thrilling experience for all. To visit Disneyland Park completely, an entire day at hand would be a good idea. Another day in hand could be a great to visit Walt Disney Studio Park. Lots of restaurants and great entertainments like golfing at Golf Disneyland are also up for grabs here.

Parc Asterix

Another amazing theme park, Parc Asterix should be included in your holiday in Paris. Parc Asterix has a lot to offer to its tourists especially for those on a fun family vacation. While in Parc Asterix, people can have fun watching the dolphins play at the Dolphin show or can get a little adventurous and explore the park.

Cathedrale Notre Dame

Cathedrale Notre Dame lies in the heart of Paris. Also known worldwide as a masterpiece of the French Gothic Architecture, Notre Dame de Paris or Cathedrale Notre Dame has been a ceremonial focus for the Catholic Paris' since seven centuries now. With huge interiors, marvelous engineering and spectacular rose windows, this cathedrale is famous for a capacity of holding more than 6000 people.

Shopping in Paris

Parisian shops offer some of the finest attractions of the city to its tourists. From selling local products like pottery; clothes; wine and antiques, to some distinctively established couture brands and fragrances, you name and you'll get it in "de Paris". One of the most attractive shopping districts in Paris is the Les Halles, which includes a submarine shopping complex, "Forum des Halles". When in Paris, no one can afford to miss out on a little luxury shopping for oneself. From art to architecture and from magnificent Eiffel tower to Seine River, the city of lights, romance and art is just like a better version of bliss.

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