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Traveling To Dublin

For tourists and travelers, the history of a place adds to its charms. Nothing beats the feeling of visiting a foreign place and be able to experience its history. This is the reason why most tourists and visitors to Dublin, Ireland come to the Temple Bar.

The Temple Bar is bordered by the Liffey to the north and the Dame Street to the south. It has maintained its medieval atmosphere through its street pattern. Temple Bar is considered to be Dublin's cultural center as it houses several Dublin's cultural establishments like the Irish Photography Centre, Ark Children's Cultural Centre, Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar Music Centre, Arthouse Multimedia Centre, Temple Bar Gallery and Studio, Project Arts Centre, etc.

The Temple Bar has a rich history worth reliving. It has become a witness to many important happenings in Dublin, Ireland. A visit to the Temple Bar is not just a visit to Dublin Culture but to its history as well.

When The Sun Sets, Fun Begins

But do you know that the Temple Bar isn't for cultural appreciation and understanding alone? It is also the perfect spot for an all night entertainment. When the sun sets, the whole place comes to life. The music and the mood set the Temple Bar to a high spirited place where people can enjoy Guinness, dance with music, satisfy hunger and share laughter.

Dublin tourists and travelers simply love the fun at the Temple Bar at night. There are several pubs and bars to head on to when you feel the need to relax and enjoy. These pubs and bars have rich history that goes along with Temple bar's own wealthy beginning.

Some of the hotspots here include the Porterhouse, Turk's Head, Isolde's Tower, Quays Bar, MEZZ, Foogy Dew and Eamonn Doran's. There's a lot more to explore and enjoy in Temple Bar. The pubs and bars can suit any of your discerning needs. Whether you are looking for a place to have quite drinks or you are into real partying, there is always a bar or a pub for you in the Temple Bar.

For many years, the Temple Bar has topped the itineraries of tourists and travelers to Dublin. When you visit Dublin, it is almost impossible to resist the charm of the Temple Bar so don't resist it. Enjoy culture, history and enjoyment all in one package, the Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland!

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