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What does New England offer

Each of New England's six states--Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont--offers a unique mix of attractions, vacation destinations, family amusements, romantic hideaways, recreational facilities and historic landmarks. Selecting a destination is a very personal decision. The good news is, because of the region's compact geography, you may just be able to pack a lot into your visit.

Discover the land of Pilgrims and Patriots! New England crams more history, scenery and outdoor adventure into six states than most countries. Walk the Freedom Trail, admire fall foliage, spot humpback whales and scale the White Mountains. You can play outdoors, hike the Appalachian Trail, ski Vermont's superb slopes, wander Cape Cod's fine beaches and sail Maine's rugged coast. Hit the road with scenic drives through rolling farmland, leafy woods and charming historic villages. New England is a region that travellers return to again and again, for not only is it impossible to ever truly exhaust its options for recreation and exploration, the changing kaleidoscope of its four distinct seasons paints each New England destination in wonderfully different hues throughout the year. Winter brings softly falling snow, cozy fires crackling, the cold whip that stings your face as you fly down a ski slope, romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, hot cocoa and off-season bargains along the shoreline.

Spring awakes the dormant flora. With the warm days and cold nights, maple trees are tapped for flowing sap. Wildflowers bloom and the landscape greens before your eyes.

Summer's warmth draws visitors to New England's seashores and lakeshores, offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, music under the stars, lobster bakes, antiquing, exploring and experiencing the rich history around every bend. Autumn's lovely colors arrive each year as if by magic, creating the perfect, lush backdrop for photographing covered bridges and majestic churches, for picking apples and picnicking, for hiking and biking and scenic driving, and for sipping hot mulled cider at the end of the day. Whatever your recipe is for a perfect getaway, when you awake in New England, all of the necessary ingredients are but a short drive away.

No matter how brief your stay in this glorious region, you'll find the experiences you're seeking and leave already anticipating your next visit. Interested on this subject? Try this link for more of the same .

By: Dennis Miller

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