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Venice Holiday, City Over Water

Situated in the north of Italy, Venice is also popular with names like city of water, La Dominante, city of bridges and many more. This fairy tale city has no cars allowed and the only way to move around this city is either by water or foot. The city has a touch of romance and architecture to it, making it a great holiday destination.

When visiting Venice or holidaying in Venice following are some of the things to do and see:

Piazza San Marco

St. Mark's Square is a popular tourist attraction and also is the most important square in Venice. The square also has Basilica, clock tower, major religious and political construction, shops, bars and amazing cafes such as caf?uadri and caf?lorian. The square is usually crowded with lots of tourists and visitors holidaying in Venice as well as large flock of pigeons.


Situated in the northern Venice, Murano is a well known glass industry and is a must to visit tourist attraction when holidaying in Venice. The island can be reached by free boat rides from the St. Mark Square and is often visited by foreign tourists and local visitors. Murano has lot to offer from glass making shop and factories to glass museum. When on a holiday in Venice, do not forget to buy a lovely glass souvenir to take back with you.

Basilica San Marco

Situated at the St. Mark's square, this gothic church of Venice goes back to 1063 and is a beautiful tourist attraction not to be missed, when on a holiday in Venice. The church has rich archeological structure and also possesses domes, mosaics, altar and amazing statues.


Experiencing this city over water through gondolas is a not only romantic, but something that can't be done in any other city. While many tourists are found enjoying their gondola ride in the dusk and dawn, the gondolas are also famous among local country visitors. A holiday in Venice is always incomplete without a ride through the canals of this city over water, via amazing gondolas.

Grand Canal

This 3 km in length and 70 metres in width canal is the largest and most popular canal in Venice; it also acts as one of the route of this city over water. The Grand Canal takes has a spectacular view of beautiful structures or buildings, which includes baroque church of Santa Maria Della Salute, the Ca'd'Oro, the Accademia Gallery, the Grassi as well as the Palaces Grimani and Corner-Spinelli. The Grand Canal undergoes three major bridges Rialto, Scalzi and Accademia.


Venice or city over water has some amazing collections of shops in its markets. One major market of Venice, visited by tourist and visitors on frequent bases, is Rialto market. This market is known for fruits, vegetables and fresh fish (which come straight from the lagoon). Apart from stalls of fruits and vegetable, the market also boost nearby streets of butcher shops. Other such famous local markets are Campo Santa Margerita and Strada Nuova, Cannaregio.


When holidaying in Venice taking a ride to Lido can be a good idea. The island is situated between the sea and Venice. From private beaches, public beaches and Cabanas on rent are not the only fascinating attractions in Lido; you can always enjoy the restaurants, cafes, hotels and the beach activities for that great holiday.

Best time to visit or holiday in Venice

Best time to holiday in Venice is the busy season of June all the way through September. Many tourist and visitors also plan a holiday in Venice during the carnival month of February

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