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Stay in the embrace of nature at Ratanakiri Cambodia

Situated in the northeastern corner of Cambodia, where the Indochina Triangle (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) is, Ratanakiri is home of the country natural heritage and cultural diversity of multi-ethnicity population. The natural and ecological features of the province remain largely untouched, and the old style living of the indigenous people has changed little over the past time even development is starting to take place with the increasing in-migration of the lowland Cambodians. Of the population of 77,000; about 80 per cent is non-Khmer Cambodians. They are Lao, Tampuan, Kreung, Jorai, Kachok, Preuw, Kavet, Chinese, Vietnamese, and some others.

People of Tampuan, Jorai, Kreung, Preuw, Kavet, and Kachok ethnic groups (hilltribes belonging to Mon-Khmer group) have their own languages, and still practise slash and burn agriculture. These Upper Khmer (Khmer Leu as called by lowland Khmers) are animist and still have strong belief in spiritual influence. The province also offers the breath-taking and stunning natural features, such as the Yaklom volcanic lake, countless number of water falls (some believed to be waiting for you to discover and name them!), beautiful hilly landscape, and a variety of flora and fauna in the tropical rain forest. This makes the province ideal place for ecotourism and those nature lovers. Places to visit and things to see: Ratanakiri is a large province and almost all of the areas is covered by forest, and uninhabited. This reveals that natural resources and ecological systems are largely remaining undiscovered and undisturbed by man.

Something that many are worried that if no timely and appropriate measures are enforced, the similar thing may take place as those in Cambodia neighbors the over-exploitation and subsequent degradation (or even extinction) of natural resources and ecological systems. In order to help Cambodia to be able to keep this cradle of ecosystem, we therefore urge all visitors, including our guests, to keep in mind of this fragile resources, and hence apply the ecotourism approach when visiting the province. The following are some of the places that should be visited. Of course, there are many things in many places of Ratanakiri that awaits your discovery. .

By: Sompong Sritatera

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