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Things To Do On A Norwegian Holiday

Norway is a popular holiday destination for holiday makers going on a family holiday and staying in self catering holiday accommodation. There are some great holiday homes available to rent in Norway. Norway cannot be described roughly because of its huge scope of vacation destinations. There are a lot of things to mention about Norway. In a compact way Norway could be described as craggy, wild, and a very intense.

The country is filled with ice glaciers, gigantic mountains and fjords that can't be conjured into images of the legendary Vikings or the gods of Norse. Norway is completely covered with awe inspiring beauty and unscathed villages of fishing and also a lot of historical museums and sights including the medieval cabins of the Viking warriors, it is very enchanting.

Norway is entirely diverse and there is a lot of difference from the northern end to the souther tip, the area which is around Oslo. There are some superb ski chalets and self catering apartments to rent in Norway.

There is a variety of activities that would excite a tourist, like just walking through the mind blowing landscapes. The fjord in the southern part of Norway is worth exploring and Oslo, Tronhem and Bergen are magical cities. Getting a self catered residence means that you are able to do any outdoor activity in the natural facility. There is also a lot of wilderness in Norway which is quite astounding. There is glass like lakes that flow from the fountains and also glaciers which is the largest in the world. There are also some awesome isolated holiday wooden cabins that can be rented.

Norway has great trekking and hiking areas and also some amazing walks which can be quite scintillating. You can also go hunting, mountain climbing and also fishing which also are great holiday activities. Norway is known as the birthplace of skiing. The landscape almost covers up to 30000km full of pistes. The ski season is from November to may end. There are some great ski chalets available to rent direct from their owners in this region.

It is the Scandinavian region of Norway with coastal villages. The coastal villages here are the size of a picture postcard; it is a very beautiful scene. It is ideal for taking a walk, rock climbing, skiing and also canoeing. It is the most beautiful region of the whole of Norway. The Norwegian fjord which is along the west coast is good for outdoor sports like raft climbing, summer skiing, and kayak. Holiday makers can rent traditional holiday cottages and use them as bases to explore this marvellous country.

Lillehammer which is an Olympic city is very cheap for skiing. It also has dense forests which has the highest number of wolves in the whole of Europe. This region also has wooded pistes that are very enjoyable.

In the summer season this area gets transformed into the land with a midnight sun. It means that the sun will be up for 24 hours and there won't be any night, It is a very rare spectacle. Tromso is also famous for being the biggest northerly brewery.

Norwegian cuisine includes the famous lufse and the lutefisk. These are food that is delicious and worth trying once. Norway has a long summer that lasts from may to September. Norway has a variety of entertaining activities that makes it a great holiday destination.
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