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Travel to Norway

Norway 's scenery is its main attraction, particularly the fjords of the southwest and the North Cape which is a popular spot from which to observe the Midnight Sun of midsummer. The majority of tourists visiting Norway are firstly interested in what the nature has to offer. From cruise ships, buses and trains, visitors to Norway enjoy the spectacular scenery of deep fjords, high mountains and the midnight sun. The Norwegian tourism industry primarily promotes Norway as 'a pure escape' and a place for outdoor adventures.


Experience the beauty of northern Europe in an elegant manner. Norway is the destination to get introduced to some of the most striking natural glimpses. Want to know about the most dynamic feature of Norway Tourism, checkout its Natural fjords. It is dramatic, yet pulsating. The long, narrow and deep inlet connected to sea and crisscrossing across steep slopes of mountains – a scenic view of fjords is an absolute treat for eyes.

Located at the northern edge of European continent - Norway offers almost everything that is supposed to be wanderer’s choice. Nevertheless, fjords are first temptation in Norway but no one can deny the allurement of North Cape’s midnight sun. Looking for more then come to Tromso, situated just above to Arctic Circle, the unique city calls you to savor unusual experience. This is the city where sun never rises in winter and never goes down in mid summer.

Now come to next city Oslo, this is the capital city of the country and also the major financial centre. The picturesque destination is a gateway to the oil industry of Norway.

Nevertheless, country is not populated densely but its inadequate distribution of population also creates some unusual enchantment, as the largest glacier of Europe ‘Josteldalsbreen’ is situated amid the urban area in the country.

If you are looking forward to get involved in outdoor activities, opt for either skiing, fishing or rock climbing. All of these activities are quite exhilarating in Norway, but you require being attentive while doing this. People who want to enjoy the tranquility can opt get a look of high-mountain lakes and steep side valleys; these are another temptation of Norway Travel.

Nowadays, people are widely opting for a tour to Norway, as its unusual fjords are getting good attention. The country is replete with unusual enchantments, which wonderfully complements its unique identity. The north European paradise is a captivation for tourists from all across the world. If you too are planning a trip to this gorgeous getaway, get your ticket booked today itself. It is not a difficult task and numerous online travel guides are there to assist you in your endeavor. You can also get an online reservation in Norway hotels using online reservation system offered by travel guides.

Getting in Norway- This is part of European Union; hence, you can land to any other European country and make an entry into the dazzling country. Do not worry; there will be no border check. To come here you can opt for roadways or trains.

Accommodation- Hotel industry is one among the booming sectors in Norway. If you are looking forward to get a room in any of plush hotels in Norway, get your booking done today.
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