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Buffets in Las Vegas

One of the most common restaurants in Las Vegas is the buffet. The first buffet in Las Vegas appeared at the El Rancho Vegas in 1947. The first gourmet buffet started in the Bellagio resort and it remains one of the top five buffets in Las Vegas. Expect to spend about twenty-five to thirty-two dollars for a dinner buffet and eighteen dollars for a lunch buffet. The other top four buffets include these wonderful options described below.

Paris's Le Village Buffet at twenty-five for dinner and eighteen for lunch. The Aladdin resort offers a Spice Market Buffet for twenty-four at dinner and sixteen at lunch. The Mirage has a buffet called Cravings for eighteen at lunch and twenty-three at dinner.

Treasure Island has Dishes, which is the cheapest buffet at fifteen for lunch and twenty for dinner during the weekdays and twenty-six during Friday and Saturday dinners.While these are the top five buffets, you can still find quality classic buffet's at nearly every resort in Las Vegas. Many of these are also cheaper in price. Circus Circus which is eleven dollars for dinner and ten for lunch, serves an estimated ten thousand a day.If you are looking for a breakfast buffet the best is at Suncoast, which is six dollars. Sam's Town casino offers the Firelight Buffet, which has specialty steak and fillet nights at fourteen dollars, seafood-and-fish fry on Friday for eighteen dollars and prime rib on Saturday at fourteen dollars.

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By: Oh Srichaphan

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