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Baby on Board

Remember the days when you could throw a few things in a suitcase and hop on a plane? Now that you are a parent, things are more complicated. Flying with a baby or toddler is not for the faint of heart or the unprepared. But, with careful planning, you can make your next airplane ride smooth sailing.Tips for air travel with a baby:.

Check with your pediatrician to make sure your baby does not have an ear infection before leaving on a trip. One of the most common causes for a crying baby on a flight is ear pain.Give your baby something to suck on during take off and landing to relieve ear pressure.

(breast, bottle or pacifier).Traveling at night or during nap time increases the odds that your baby will sleep during the flight. Make sure you also have along their favorite blanket or snuggle toy.Most parents find it worth it to buy a seat for their baby and bring along a car seat. Most airlines only charge half price for a child under 2. Not only is it safer, but you will have more room.

Covering the car seat with a blanket (draped like a bird cage) can block out the light and help your baby fall asleep more easily.Travel non stop if at all possible.Prepare for the unexpected.

Remember to bring plastic bags to seal poopy diapers in and extra wipes for messy diapers which are no easy feat to change on a plane! Extra clothes for baby and mom are also helpful.A bag of Cheerios goes a long way. If you need to bring a meal, be sure to pack disposable feeding supplies.Pack plenty of small, light weight toys for entertainment.

Suction toys that can adhere to the tray are especially good.Use an umbrella stroller or stroller in which the car seat snaps onto the wheels. Strollers can be checked at the gate just before stepping on the plane.Look into renting large items such as pack and plays or high chairs rather than taking them with you on a flight. Call Baby's Away at 800-571-0077 for more information.Tips for air travel with a toddler:.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and terminal. Your toddler picks up on your stress and will likely react in a manner that will bring you even more stress.Let your child do something active before you leave for the airport.

Wearing them out physically increases the chances of them sitting still or sleeping on the flight.Bubbles are a good distraction while waiting for the plane to arrive.Request bulkhead seating.

There is more room here and your toddler can play on the floor if necessary.Take your car seat! Not only is it the safest place for a child to be, but your child is used to being confined to a car seat. They are more likely to stay content being confined in their familiar seat and are more likely to fall asleep there than in a strange place.

Pack comfort items such as a blanket or stuffed animal in an accessible place.Letting a child drink out of a sippy cup or suck on a pacifier helps relieve air pressure during take off and landing. Many moms also swear by using an antihistamine to relieve the air pressure. Be careful though, about 10% of kids have the opposite reaction to the drowsiness an antihistamine usually produces.

If your child is in that 10% and gets "wired" from the antihistamine, it can be a long trip!.Using a backpack to carry supplies and your purse frees your hands for other tasks.Bring lots of single size snacks. Bring them out every 30 minutes or when they become restless.

Things with lots of little pieces such as Cheerios or Goldfish last longer.If you are potty training your child, be sure to request an aisle seat and insist that your child wear a pull up. This is not the place for an accident!.A laptop or portable DVD player with headphones can distract a toddler for quite a long time.Bring a yard or two of 1/4 inch elastic.

Tie one end to your wrist and the other end to a toy. This way you can "reel" it in when your toddler throws it instead of spending the whole trip searching under your neighbor's seat. You can also create other games with the elastic that your child will enjoy. Be sure to supervise to reduce the risk of choking.Pack plenty of new toys or toys and books your child hasn't seen in awhile. Keep them small and inexpensive and wrap them if you want to add to the excitement.

Toddler favorites for the plane: cups with ice in them, play dough with a plastic knife, puppets, colored paper clips for making chains & bracelets, big, fat crayons & a coloring book, travel Magna doodle, velcro (which can be attached to anything small and lightweight) and a piece of felt to stick it to and stickers.

.Susan Stewart is a professional organizer and the founder of Perfectly Placed Professional Organization and Design in the Phoenix area. Perfectly Placed specializes in bringing peace and order to busy families through organization. You can find out more about Susan and Perfectly Placed at her website: http://www.


By: Susan Stewart

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